Blue hands

Research about the contemporary forms of hands

‘Blue hands’ is a research film with a speculating scenario about
sudden metamorphoses of our hands, which lose half of the fingers
by a standardized use of hands to live a contemporary life.

Blue hands, research film, 2019

If our hands suddenly metamorphose to a very simplified form 
with only 5 or 6 fingers, (except for those who need to
fully use their hands such as a doctor or a ceramicist)
What would we lose? Or what could we get?

I observed the use of people's hands in daily life to get insights
about how ‘act of touching’ is shaped by the touch interface.
I followed and observed the everyday life of five people for four hours each,
and limited the number of fingers by tying two or three fingers
of each hand together leaving their thumbs free. Interestingly,
despite the use of just six fingers, they could manage their daily lives.

All of them touched their digital device for more than two hours of
the four hours of observation. Though everyone expressed annoyance
when typing the keyboard at first, they soon got used to it.
It was interesting when people are not using their hands, they feel rather
frustrated and restrained, and keep unconsciously not only moving
their hands and fingers but also touching their body.

From the active observation, I gained not only the insights reflecting
everyday habits in the contemporary world but also a realization to
keep the audience aware of their ‘act of touching’. 

Posters for recruiting participants. 

Posters for recruiting participants.