Touch Eclipse

Real-Time Interaction Web

Touch Eclipse, 2020

Solo, Real-Time Touch Interaction Web

Sep 2020

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Touch Eclipse is a real-time touch interaction webpage.
I made this webpage for people with sentimental minds who
have nostalgia for a world connected by physical touch, 
and who would find the romanticism of physical constraints
on space-time or even the unbreakable  touchscreen!

I wanted to realize a romantic moment of connection via touch with
the fingertip in cyberspace, where only a little touch is allowed.

You will encounter someone floating in infinite cyberspace like you.
But you will not miss the very moment of intersecting with her/him
while touching and feeling the existence beyond the 'glass'.

You can try Touch-Eclipse here :

Background music : Open The Door by FKJ.                                         

Background music : Oversteps by Autechre.