How to (un)fold

Collective Origami Workshop

In ‘How to (un)fold’ workshop, we explore our creative responses
to origami instructions produced from a text-generating algorithm.

How to (un)fold, Workshop, Mar 2020

Team project (with AJ Ryu / Francesco Cordola)

On/offline Workshop 

Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

GPT-2 text generating model,
Origami Instruction Data from Origam i books

‘How to (Un)fold’, a series of online and offline origami workshops
for 10 groups, which experimented with our creative responses
to origami instructions produced by a text-generating algorithm.
(GPT-2 text generating model)

The instructions have no images but only text and 
they are mostly absurd once you look closely.
It was open for you to make decisions about details.

As you follow these unpredictable steps made by the algorithm,
you make your own translations, resulting in unique outcomes.

Open for interpretation. No fixed result.
The process creates a continuous conversation
between us.    

Origami instructions generated by text generating model

Origami outputs were created by AJ, Francesco and me
Those origami outputs were created from the test workshop between AJ, Francesco and me. 
Even though we followed the same instructions, the outcomes were all different. 

We had multiple on/offline workshops with a ‘bird of paradise’ instruction
in order to see how it can be interpreted with diversity.

Some participants had origami experience but the others did not.
Regardless of it, they took turns folding each steps,
resulting in a collaborative origami folding.

The participants follow the least rules,

1. Work in a group
2. Take turns folding each step. Everyone follows along.
3. Feel free to add your own instructions.

Group ‘Irang and Sujin’ folding the ‘Bird of Paradise’
following the origami instruction generated by algorithm.

By adding new steps, making a new instruction of ‘Bird of Paradise’.

Unique outcomes depending on each group.

How to (un)fold in times of self-isolation, Workshop, Apr 2020

How to (un)fold in times of self-isolation, Workshop, Apr 2020
With Oscar,Giuliana,Yesol,Gökçen,Lily,Estee,Aj,and Minju

How to (un)fold in times of self-isolation, Workshop, Apr 2020
With Yuzu,Nayla,Sehee,Hyun,Ju-kyoung,Yeon-ho,So-hyun,Aj,and Minju

In the end, the origami models looked very different every time,
although it was made from the same instruction.

‘How to (un)fold’ workshop experimented with the possibilities
for the creative process on unfolding the instructions out of context. 
It leads us to open up to arrive at somewhere we never imagined.

Also, in times of self-isolation, we explores the alternative form of
physical interaction in human-to-human and human-machine relationships.

‘The birds of Paradise’ created by different group with the same instruction.